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Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Breakout? Maybe a little single player tennis action? Or maybe, just maybe, you are looking for another approach in said Breakout game? Perhaps you’re looking for just that little bit more to push your game over the edge? To make your brain think sideways instead of black and white? Or maybe I’m just asking too many questions? Question mark?

Developer Tametick has decided that they wanted to play a different kind of game. That game being the perfect entry to Molyjam: a 48 hour indie game contest that takes inspired ideas from Peter Molydeux creator of such masterpieces as Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black & White and the Fable series. Beginning from one harmless tweet, the competition is now held in over 32 cities worldwide. Grabbing ideas from Molydeux’s head and make them a reality in just 48 hours.

In its essence, Breakout is a simple game to play but difficult to master. Those more familiar with its technicolored cousin, Arkanoid!, remember fondly of the paddle used to control the Vaus; the spaceship that the player used for moving the paddle back and forth keeping the ball afloat.

The tracelines from the ball help you predict the outcome of the ball's trajectory.

Turn Based Breakout is addicting. It takes the simplicity of Breakout and turns it on its head in the form of a very competitive chess-like nature making you plan out your moves ahead of time. Unlike many RTS games, Turn Based Breakout forces you to predict the trajectory of the ball itself and how it will interact with the blocks above before allowing the gameplay to move forward. With help from the traceline of the ball’s movements, this will give you an idea of where the ball will hit at which angle so you can make sure the paddle will be there for the ball to bounce off of to continue gameplay.

You are given only five moves to make before launching the predetermined orders. At first the game will be extremely frustrating. I lost the first couple of lives mainly to the fact that I didn’t know which side of the paddle the ball was going to launch from. It’s the left side, just so you know. After getting the hang of it, I started taking more time to plan out my moves accordingly so I wouldn’t lose another ball.

You also have the ability to launch more than one ball at a time given the number of balls you have in reserve. There are times when I will miss judge the ball’s path only to just come up shy to hitting it back up into the blocks. A sad state to watch your life fall before you, knowing for well that you are unable to make it there in time to save it.

Your list of commands of moving the paddle left, right, or launching the ball.

Your list of commands of moving the paddle left, right, or launching the ball.

This brings me back to the games of old. Back when patience was OK. Patience was something you needed to complete game. Games nowadays force the player into acting without thinking, fast on the gamepad hoping for that last second thumb twitch to get the headshot. Turn Based Breakout allows the player to take the measures needed to have a successful run. If you mess up, it’s on you. You were the one that gave the orders and you failed to keep the game going.

Now, after playing the game for a little while, you will discover that this is just Breakout with a fun mechanic to toy around with. More of a demo, if you will, of something greater. While the possibilities are endless, I would enjoy playing something like Turn Based Breakout with a 2 player mode and where each block holds a power up that will either help me or hurt my opponent. A little strategy on top of the turn based element in the game, would be a great addition to my steam collection.

I look forward to someone who takes an idea like Turn Based Breakout and makes it the next game that everyone is talking about. Be sure you are one of the many that had the advantage to play the game that started it all.

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