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I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you, dear reader, have played Super Mario Bros sometime in your life. Maybe yesterday, maybe last week, maybe a few years back (hopefully not longer) and I’m also going to guess that a few of you may have even thought about what the game would be like if it had other popular video game characters crushing through the Mushroom Kingdom slamming gombas and buzzy beetles. Leave it to Exploding Rabbit, some great retro heads to create such a wonderful dream a reality.

The many faces of Link.

The many faces of Link.

Super Mario Bros Crossover is exactly what it sounds: you can play through the original levels of Super Mario Bros (with some fun additions) as some popular 8-bit characters including Samus, Link, SOPHIA THE 3RD, my favorite, Megaman and of course Mario and Luigi. Journey through all eight worlds featuring the classic platforming action you’d expect from the NES goldmine with all of the dreams you had when you were a kid.

It's Megaman in the revisited Super Mario Bros for All-Stars! OMG!

It’s Megaman in the revisited Super Mario Bros for All-Stars! OMG!

Now Exploding Rabbit did all the work for you with the exception of one very… important… thing…: controller support. Yes, Mario Crossover runs through the infamous Flash platform which implementing gamepad functionality is fairly difficult so I have gracefully taken all of the guess work out for you and created a Joy2Key file that will work with your Xbox 360 controller like it’s always meant to. If you would like to contribute with your favorite joypad to the mix, please be sure to leave me a note in the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to add it with the others. Good? Great!

The game is complete with warp pipes and of course, Gemini Man.

The game is complete with warp pipes and of course, Gemini Man.

You have an extreme wide array of characters to choose from and many skins or color swaps within as well. Each character is separated into different main popular character categories and any skin following will play like the other with a small variance between them. For example, under the Megaman option, not only can you play as Megaman in his many forms ranging from the original blue bomber to Megaman 9, you can also choose Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Protoman and Bass. Now they all control fairly similar but some have advantages over the others. For instance, the original Megaman has the buster charge where others do not. Finding the right character to fit your style will become one of the main drivers as you cruise through the levels.

ATARI mode allows you to enjoy SMB as the 8-bit classic.

ATARI mode allows you to enjoy SMB as the 8-bit classic.

Luckily, between each level, you can opt to switch your character around. Much like in Super Mario Bros 2, if you know that the next level has a bit of jumps in it, maybe Ryu from the popular NInja Gaiden series would be the best choice do to being able to climb walls. All of this and more will increase the replay value as you try to master one particular character over another.

The majority of the new characters control and move just like they would in their series.

The majority of the new characters control and move just like they would in their series.

Also you can change the tile scheme of the entire game. What to know what the game would be like if Castlevania took over? You can swap out all of the landscapes and enemies with a series’ particular scheme for another. One interesting choice is the ATARI mode which drops every tile down to just a few bits and colors. This monochrome color choice will certainly impress the ideals of proper representation from enemies to the player that had fueled the ATARI reign for so long. Using your imagination is a good thing. And it shows here how effective it can really be.

Every time!

Every time!

One thing I made a point to test is actually how well Mario works in his own game. Being a fan creation and using tools that didn’t exist at the time of its launch, Mario and Luigi don’t handle very well. You do not have the ability to really control your jumps while in mid-air. A staple to the Mario community that made these games jump to the top of the charts (no pun intended). Rather, they are stiff and clunky to handle and any veteran of the series will find themselves in pitfall after pitfall from having to retrain muscle memory. A shame really. Mario can’t even Mario in his own game.

Oh, it's Dr. Light. I was expecting... maybe a chick?

Oh, it’s Dr. Light. I was expecting… maybe a chick?

Super Mario Bros Crossover is a retro gamer’s wet dream. Take a ton of super popular characters from the 8-bit scene and throw them into a blender with the original Super Mario Bros levels and enemies. With a ton of different characters, power ups and tile skins to choose from, Super Mario Bros Crossover will bring a tear to any fan of any generation’s eye as you pursue to save the Princess, an orb or Link (all depending on the tile scheme) in a whole new light. Plus it’s a free browser game. I would have paid money for this.

Download the Joy2Key file for the Xbox 360 here!

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