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Platformers have come a long way from the beginnings of Space Panic (widely considered the first platforming game) to the mustached heroes of Mario and Luigi. Platformers are not a pure genre seeing intersects from other popular genres of their time like RPGs or, my favorite, run-and-guns. In the indie gaming space, you have ultra head bangers like Super Meat Boy and Volgarr the Viking to really turn up the heat to separate the men from the boys (or the women from the girls. No judgement here.) As a player of these platformers, you find yourself at a loss because where do you go from here? Feels like everything is done, right?

perdition screen cap4

Am I still a slave?

Perdition takes the platform game and spins in a story driven aspect giving you choices as to where your spirit lies in alignance of those who claim to be gods. Designed by Carrill and sound by LoPintoSound in the one of the only lasting sites where flash games still reign supreme: Perdition puts you in the shoes of an android born into a life of hard labor who gets the chance of independent thinking. But there are two ominous voices that request your allegiance. Which one is the right one to follow? This is where Perdition takes it to a fun and exciting level.

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Guards will mercilessly kill in front of your eyes.

Being a flash game played in your browser, we are set to use the keyboard to control our android. Or are we? No, of course not. Stupid keyboard. As per usual, I have attached a Joy2Key file that allows you to control the game through an Xbox 360 controller which is my controller of choice at the moment. B is set to have you jumping around (which you will do a ton in Perdition) and A is for your weapon (when applicable). The control pad or the analog stick will move Android around as you explore this post-apocalyptic world. One thing I’ve realized about playing flash games especially with Joy2Key is you need to make sure that the focus is on the flash window itself not just the browser. You might have to click on the flash game to bring that focus to it so that the controller will work properly. A little thing but a huge annoyance if you aren’t aware of it. Now you are. Enjoy your fulfilled life.

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Falling from what appears from space is Android, a robot with purple hair in the shape of a female form. As you are falling a giant, somewhat metallic hand, gently touches your head giving you the ability for independent thought. Born into this life of hard labor, your first instinct is to run. Run away from those that abuse you, that take you for granted, that care not of your existence. As you do, you are greeted with terrifying red words that claw at the walls and strike into your heart. Words from someone who you don’t know but reads like they are trying to help. Or are they?

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Platforming aspects include pulling switches and maze-like running about looking for the right direction.

Running through the caverns, you pass by your fellow comrades who either continue to work or cower in fear of you. This dystopian environment gives the same effect as Blackthorne. Helpless victims you wish you could save but are either too late or too soon before the guards shoot them down in front of your eyes. It’s a very unsettling thing to see especially since you now have the ability to stop them, but you can’t. It’s too late.

Maybe you're not the only one?

Maybe you’re not the only one?

The first ominous voice you hear is of Gomadi. Placed in all white, Gomadi sets the stage with sadistic requests and violent insults as you try to find your way out. In a few points of the game, Gomadi will request for you to kill yourself: jump into this pit of spikes, allow the guard to kill you. These things pleases him if you follow his requests and he grants you his halo: an ability to veil detection from those around him. In an essence: invisibility. This halo is a powerful weapon as you can now sneak around the world without fear of death. But the price you pay is your life. You do respawn through different portals if you die but it stays with you.

Tanas's gift brings back terrible memories of your past life.

Tanas’s gift brings back terrible memories of your past life.

Further travel reveals another voice, one that Gomadi warns you about and commands you to stay away and not take any of his offerings. That one is Tanas. Scarred in the same blood red lettering from the beginning of the game, Tanas feels for you, apologizes for Gomadi’s actions and that he, not Gomadi, is the one that will help you reach your destination. He offers you a weapon (now you can use the A button) of a sword like weapon produced from your arm and finally a cannon. These weapons, the ones that Gomadi warned you about, can be used to protect yourself, protect others, but much like everything else it comes with a price. Accepting Tanas’s weapons, you will lose Gomadi’s halo. Also, if you want to increase the power of the cannon you will have to take the lives of those around you. Killing the innocent will max out the power of the cannon. Do you make that choice?

Falling from the heavens... or possibly just from above.

Falling from the heavens… or possibly just from above.

There’s another way to go about this: not listening to anyone. You can defy both of these “gods” and use your own skills and sneaking abilities to journey to the end. It’s these story driven aspects, giving the player three different ways to finish the game is what takes Perdition to a new level. The environments, aspects and genre are nothing new to the gaming sphere. But the unusual characters, deciding whether to go with one god or the other or possibly neither is a choice that is up to you. Your actions will dictate not only how the game will end, but how the game will be played. A new age version of a difficulty select to increase the challenge. Take note. This is a grand idea.

Beautiful backgrounds give you a sense of what's beyond the devastation.

Beautiful backgrounds give you a sense of what’s beyond the devastation.

The graphics are comprised of a nice pixelation that resembles something off the Sega Genesis but a bit turned down. There’s some nice parallax scrolling backgrounds and the color scheme really gives a sense of foreboding and dread. The kind of atmosphere that fits perfect with the motif of the storyline. The music also works well. Most of the time being deep tones and slight strings while at other times there is nothing. Just ominous sounds of you running around or gunfire going off. It stops suddenly and you don’t really notice until you take a second to look around rather than moving forward.

A gift... but will it turn you into a monster?

A gift… but will it turn you into a monster?

Perdition is a side scrolling story-driven adventure game that puts you in the place of an android that suddenly has the ability of being self aware. With this new knowledge, it is up to you where to move from here. Do you trust the sadistic voice requiring you to kill yourself to advance or the one that freely gives you gifts at no cost but your undivided loyalty or neither? This free flash game may be a bit short, but the ideas tested are some that may set itself above the rest. And you can play it in your browser. Fans of Blackthorne, Aliens 3 and Cyborg Justice will find similar themes and gameplay mechanics in Perdition.

Play Perdition for free in your browser here.

Download Joy2Key for Perdition here.

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