Breaking Bits Episode 22: Milo Does Dallas

This week: Eric debunks some Mega Man chicanery, the guys talk gaming music, and finally break their silence on gamergate.Intro and outro themes are the song “Tronicz” by NeoJake that he composed just for Breaking Bits! A huge thank you from us to you, Jake! Please support Jake and check out his Soundcloud.

Run Time- 1:50:02 (Apparently we just don’t know when to shut the hell up)

News- 26:59

Driveclub continuing to have server woes.

Legend of Zelda’s Aonuma wants Link’s motorcycle in more games

Thousands Rally Online Against Gamergate

Our review of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams– 54:32

It Came… From eBay!!!- 1:15:14

Sony PlayStation 4 System PS4 500 GB Console Jet Black CUH-1001A

Rockman Mega World

Xbox -Rocky Legends World Collection- X Box JP Import

Pro Sport Hockey

Thanks to our very own intro/outro theme artist, Jake McClenahan for the listener email! Now you don’t want Jake to have to do ALL of the work around here, do ya? Email us at

For episode 23, we are reviewing Braid.

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