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Time played: 2 hours

Rambo was a good time, right? Just a single guy armed to the teeth with machine guns and a huge knife taking on an entire army by himself. Rise of Germany takes that tone and fits in with a German soldier that sets out to help the Fatherland reach their way to victory. You can be that soldier in this brutal top-down run n’ gun.

Mission briefing: kill everyone.

Mission briefing: kill everyone.

Rise of Germany is a free game to download that comes just with an EXE. Nothing to install or unzip; all self contained. It’s a fairly small program in terms of total MBs, but yet packs a powerful punch. You’ll be using the keyboard and mouse to move your character around the screen and fine tuning the direction of your gun. The controls are super tight and will require quick reflexes to stay alive. The reticle on screen gives you the indication of where your bullets will be flying that can stretch across the screen but your bullets will fall short.

Well shit, I wasn't expecting that.

Well shit, I wasn’t expecting that.

Before each mission, you’ll be presented with a mission briefing. These are just a simple box of text but gives a little insight as to what you’ll be up against. Starting the mission, you’ll have your choice of guns to take with you. You’ll always have a pistol and a knife for close quarter fighting, but you have a wide range of assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifle and shotguns to pick from. You only get to take one with you and choosing the right gun will either aid or harm you in the coming mission. Each gun has a different amount of ammo to hold in the clip, distance the bullet flies and may even slow you down if the gun is super heavy. Knowing which guns work with you will help in your success. Try them all, they react just like you’d expect them to. Luckily, you have unlimited ammo for all of the guns, but the reloading process takes a few seconds that will put you in danger if you aren’t timing it correctly.

Why won't you die?!

Why won’t you die?!

From here, the mission begins and you are standing in a random spot on the map. Rise of Germany is more of a stealth game  rather than a “Hey! Look everyone!” followed by massive amounts of gunfire. Searching the map, you’ll see one or two enemies just kind of standing around. If you run in guns blazing you’ll soon realize that there just aren’t two soldiers, but many that will come charging in. Scattered throughout the levels are groups of trees and stone walls that you can use to hide when the heat gets too hot. Picking off one trooper at a time is the name of the game but mostly this is a difficult challenge. If you are able to hide, the enemies will start searching you out and if they are not able to find you then they’ll go back to whatever it was they were doing before you tried killing them.

Those walls won't keep me out.

Those walls won’t keep me out.

The enemies are well hidden using camouflage to blend in with the backgrounds. There were a few times where I would just be walking around and suddenly I’m being attacked by an unknown soldier I didn’t know was there. This forced me to take my time as I journeyed about. Granted, I’m not usually a fan of these types of games (all the sneaking is for the birds), but I felt compelled to keep trying thinking I could outsmart the A.I. To finish the mission you just have to kill all of the enemies on screen, but you never known exactly how many there are. So you are constantly on your toes, searching out health packs if your life bar drops and playing hide-and-seek with heavily armed opposing forces.

Wide variety of weapons to bring with you.

Wide variety of weapons to bring with you.

Rise of Germany’s graphics aren’t anything too special. There’s no walking animation for yourself or the others. The ground, trees and boxes look like they are suppose to but with little definition. This isn’t a bad thing, just the game does have a bit of blandness to it. (If that’s even a word.) The music, on the other hand, is super epic and heart pounding. All of the weapons have a unique sound when being fired and hearing the reloading taking place keeps you in the rhythm while you are constantly circle strafing around your enemies.

So many more dead bodies...

So many more dead bodies…

Rise of Germany takes no prisoners. It’s brutally difficult and demands your accuracy and attention to detail. Knowing which weapons the enemies are using by the sight of the bullets and the sound it makes will give you a leg up on when they are out of ammo and when it’s safe to run in and strike with your knife. I’ll admit I did not get very far in this game, but I find myself coming back again and again just trying to figure out the best path to complete the missions. And for a free game, that’s way more of a pull for me than most AAA games I’ve played.

Well never mind then...

Well never mind then…

Rise of Germany is a free, hard as nails run ‘n gun that has you being an army of one to protect and secure the path for a German victory. Armed with a pistol, knife and your choice of a wide variety of weapons, you’ll face hordes of enemies that only want to see you dead. Stealth combat and knowing your enemies will help aid you in winning or you’ll become just another statistic. Epic music and sound effects are weighed down by simple graphics but the gameplay will have you coming back. Who knew that stealth in a run ‘n gun game would be so satisfying?

Download Rise of Germany for free!

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