Breaking Bits Episode 33: Four Thumbs Down

The guys review the heavily disappointing 99 Levels to Hell, discuss games they wish had been better, and get some unwanted advice from a vintage computer game.

Intro and outro themes are the song “Tronicz” by NeoJake that he composed just for Breaking Bits! A huge thank you from us to you, Jake! Please support Jake and check out his Soundcloud.

Run Time- 1:16:28

Our review of 99 Levels to Hell- 28:58

It Came… From eBay!!!

Vintage Computer Program for Sex Intracourse Signed by Leigh M. Rothschild

Mario Kart Game Racing Steering Wheel for Wii

Defect Gold Mario Amiibo


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For episode 34, we are reviewing Hack n’ Slash.

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